Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Natural Hair Journeys.......

Hey Ladies,
Well it's another fascinating week. Full activities that I can't real y wrap my mind around..Lol..But God is able to keep me focused through it all. I'm truly excited about the feed back on the post ladies sharing and supporting.Thank you much for the support remember to pass it on and tell other Natural hair lovers or transition sista's about my blog.....

Well FroFashion Week started today!!!!..It is the Kick off and I will be doing a workshop on Our Natural Hair Journeys. Many of us have started, stop, and started again. I understand completely as for myself I have been natural for 11 years and I love it in so many ways. I transition myself with little knowledge and while I was finishing up cosmetology school I was beginning my locs..Then I cut them off after 6 or 7 years. I loved my locs, but that part of my journey was over and God had another path for me to take and I was obedient to that because I was ready for something new, but not knowing it would require me letting my locs go.: (

After letting the locs go I went on a hair excursion and I would say I had the time of my life, moments that I do not regret. Now, I'm at a stage of my life were I want to be FREE!! FREE to be ME! with no excuses! Does anyone else feel that way about themselves right NOW! I'm ROCKING my short finger coils and I'm loving it and I have challenged myself for the rest of this year NOT to wear any protective styles meaning NO WEAVES OR BRAIDS! I'm not saying anything is wrong with them. I want to see where my hair goes and let it LIVE!! LOL!

So, share your natural hair journey with me and other natural lovers and transitioning sistas to be encouraged to run this race with no regrets! Love y'all.....Enjoy the video and pics.. : )

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  1. Hey Maniya!! Yaay on your BIG CHOP!! Well to achieve the length of the model it will take 4 years. As for moisture your can try Shea Moisture Products, Design Essentials Moisture Retention Shampoo. For Curl definition style your hair while it is damp almost dry and sit under a dryer for style to set. The most important is Steam therapy and you will need to book a appointment for that you can come in and consult for free!
    I hope this is helpful..: )

  2. Hey Deme!! Thank you for that compliment! Yes God has given me a true gift and I am humbled and honored to share what I have with women and girls to feel and BE better about themselves. It starts from the inside then out! It was definitely a pleasure meeting you and yes I look forward to styling you as well!! Ttyl : )

  3. Hey Vdms!! Yes I look forward to styling you. Yes you've been through a lot, but your coming through and that is what matters. God is faithful and I will help you enhance that loving spirit you have! See you Soon! : )


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