Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Hair Excursion

Greetings My Natural Beauties,

These past two weeks have been a "HAIR EXCURSION"  for me and all those in the industry. The kick off  was Frofashion Week at the Melia Hotel in Atlanta,Ga. Let me just say that I was floored by the models at the Fashion Show, if you haven't seen pics view mine and look on fb and twitter or visit naturallymemedia.com. This week long of activities was more than expected from the twitter party @ The Museum Bar, Blogger Brunch, Workshops, and the grand finale Fashion Show. I will say that I was honored to meet AfroBella, Felicia Leatherwood, and her funny self Kim Coles and a host of beautiful women!

I ventured off and got my party on at my cousins 70's themed Bday party and I have to say I had flash back of the 70's y'all. I thought about how back then as men and women we had style and we ROCKED our naturals in all shapes, forms, and sizes and it was accepted. We as a people had pride in who we were and I realized that we have taken it up a notch with the skill and creativity in natural hair. But those who my ask "I did rock my own coiled fro" and we partied like it was 1977..LOL. LOVE, PEACE, & SOUL!

But the hair fun doesn't stop there! Bronner Brothers Hair show was another trip I'm glad I made on my "Hair Excursion". There were people from all over the globe at the GWCC. They were showing their skills and talents off. Vendors from some of the top names making sure stylist and consumers left with suitcases and bags full of great goodies. I'm just glad I got to experience it all. One thing that put the icing on the cake for me was getting my advanced education on with world renown Patric Antonio Bradley. I was excited and challenged even the more as a professional to step my skills up the more and I say intend to do just that this year. LOL.

Today, on the tail end of my 'HAIR EXCURSION" I spoke at the hair school I graduated from which is Proway Hair school located in Stone Mountain, GA. I'm always humbled by giving back to inspiring stylist because this gift is God given  and "to whom much is given much is required". I don't take that lightly and sharing my journey with those I will pave the way for is the least I can do. They were a group of eager, talented, and genuine students I met. So, everyone look out for those new stylist who say they graduated from Proway Hair because they will take car of you!!

Enough about my "HAIR EXCURSION" what kind of excursion have you been on these two weeks you would like to share. I would love to hear from you and others would too. So, share your experience and until next time My Beautiful Naturals!

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  1. Hi Key,

    Like you, my hair excursion started with Fro Fashion Week!!! I had an amazing time meeting so many Naturals and seeing so many fly hairstyles. Unbeknownst, I would meet you and seat in your class... 2 weeks later I would be sitting your chair getting a natural hairstyle :) My coils are still looking fly. So my hair excursion was a welcoming and long overdo treat to myself. I'm looking forward to the next excursion, for me it will be the World Natural Hair Show in April!!!!


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